Fitness and Wellness Apps To Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals

Fitness and Wellness Apps To Help You Reach Your New Year's Goals

We live in a generation that is full of tools for us to use. Most people have complete access to the internet, social media, and other apps all within reach. Our phones, tablets, and computers truly allow us to gain more knowledge and tools than ever before. There are many apps and websites that can aid you in just about any aspect of life: social connections, business aids, and even ones that are designed to help improve yourself. Personally, I believe everyone should take advantage of all of these apps if you have access to them, especially the ones that help benefit your health.

As we know, we have just entered a brand new year. In previous blogs we have discussed the importance of setting new goals for the year and effectively accomplishing them. However, we have failed to mention ways that we can make accomplishing these goals even easier. In this blog we will list 5 different apps that are easily accessible and can help you improve your fitness and wellness goals this 2022!

#1. Headspace

Headspace is an app that is full of guided, unguided, and situational mediations. You can find beginner courses to introduce yourself to mediation, more advanced individualized courses, and even courses that are specific to certain occasions. There are guided mediations to cope with insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, sports motivation/concentration/healing, amongst many more. You can even find mediations that help improve self esteem, happiness, focus, and productivity. Headspace is an app that has a mediation course for your specific individual needs. Headspace does have a monthly fee; however it is not only affordable, but you truly get everything that you paid for and more. If you are considering Headspace and wondering if it is a good choice for you, there is a 14 day free trial to experiment with the app and its offerings.

#2. Streaks

Streaks is an app that allows users to list an unlimited number of habits that you wish to accomplish. Then as each day goes by, it is your job to complete these habits and record your progress on the app. The more consecutive days that you accomplished your habits, the better. Streaks makes habit building more easy and fun than ever before. It is a place that allows you to see all of your desired habits and how long you have been completing it for. Streaks is an app that has a one time fee, however it allows you to build these new desire habits and stick with them all the while making it a competitive game with yourself. If purchasing Streaks is not something your interested in, considered creating your own habit tracker to hold yourself accountable.

#3. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is a free app that allows its users to track and record their runs. Whether you are an experienced runner or a new runner, Nike Run Club makes running easier. The app provides you with guided runs by some of the best running coaches and even weekly, monthly, and yearly running challenges. Nike run club is a perfect app for anyone who is waning to improve their running or begin running. There is no charge for using Nike Run Club, simply create an account using your email and begin running. With the app you will be able to see how far and how fast you have ran. You also can connect your app to friends and family and compete with them. Nike Run Club makes running more enjoyable and comforting because you are not doing it alone.

#4. Pedometer

We exercise everyday, whether we realize it or not. Walking is one of the easiest ways to exercise every day. Downloading a pedometer app to your phone will allow you to create walking goals for yourself during the day. If you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit you will automatically have a step-counter on your device. However, if you only have a smart phone there are many different free/affordable pedometer apps. A typical rule of thumb when it comes to step-counting is to aim for 10,000 steps. Begin counting your daily steps and discover more ways to improve your step count each and everyday.

#5. Motivation-Daily quotes

Sometimes we just need a little bit of motivation in our day. The app titled Motivation-Daily quotes is an app that provides you with a number of different motivational quotes throughout your day. These notifications will be discovered on either your smart phone or smart watch. Simple motivation quotes throughout your day may be the push that you need to accomplish more within your 24 hours. Try downloading this app for free and discover the number of influential quotes you will receive throughout your day.

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