Fitness February is Coming Up: Let’s Help You Get Prepared!

Fitness February - Getting PreparedIt’s almost February and that means we are a whole month into the new year! Now the question is, have you started your new year’s resolutions? And if so, have you been sticking to them? If you answered no, then it is not too late to start! We are entering a fresh new month of 2021; take this as an opportunity to develop your goals and put them into action. Here at Atlantic Wellness and Spine Center we are dedicating the month of February to fitness, hence “Fitness February.” During the month of February we are going to be posting blogs surrounding topics in fitness such as how to set your fitness goals, how to make exercising fun, why you are not seeing the results you hoped for, and even more! If you have not come up with a new year’s resolution then make it a fitness goal and let us help you reach that goal over the next few weeks! All you need to do is to dedicate your time and energy to changing and the results you will see will be life changing. The question here is… are you ready to experience the change that you are capable of and deserve?

If you are still reading this then you have chosen to take your health into your own hands. That being said, how do you get started? When it comes to fitness there are a few different aspects that you can look at; the diet perspective, the physical perspective, and the mental perspective. When you combine all three of these foundational pillars, your fitness journey will be that much easier. Only add one or two of these pillars and your foundation will not be as stable, ultimately leading to your end results being impacted or in some case non existent. Think of your fitness journey more like pillars instead of building blocks, with building blocks you can still have a stable house with one or two bricks missing, however remove a pillar from your building than your whole house can come crashing down. To put this into perspective; you won’t see a difference in your physique no matter how hard you exercise if you eat high inflammatory processed foods and you probably won’t exercise if your mindset is not in the right place for change. In preparation for ‘Fitness February’ we must stabilize these three pillars and here’s how to do it!

To begin with, you must have your mental perspective established. By that I mean, you have to be in the right headspace in order to receive the changes that you want. If you have any doubts in yourself or the process, your results will not come to you in the way that you have hoped for. To get into the right mindset for change, try changing a few things around you first; maybe get a new haircut, clean out your closet, volunteer, or do something that gets you out of your comfort zone. Our brain hates change and loves comfort, so jumping right into a major lifestyle fitness change can shock our brain just enough for us to not want to continue. By incorporating small changes we are desensitizing our brain into being okay with what is not “normal” to us. Once we have calmed our brain into these minor changes our big changes will not seem so big. Then we can begin to incorporate these more lifestyles changes into our daily routines, starting off with what we put into our bodies.

Depending on how you currently eat will decipher whether or not you have to eliminate certain foods from your diet. As we stated previously, if you do not correct a poor diet your results will essentially be unnoticeable. The foods that you should be avoiding (regardless if your exercising or not) are going to be inflammatory foods (visit our past blogs for more details), sugary drinks, and those foods containing a long list of ingredients that you can not even pronounce. A rule of thumb is if you can not pronounce the ingredients in your foods then you should not be putting them into your body. Once you establish a stable diet then your results from exercise will not go unnoticed. Depending on what your fitness goals are will depend on what you should eat protein, carb, and fat wise. For example, someone who wants to lose weight and gain muscle they would focus on a low fat, high protein diet, and be sure that they are burning more calories than they are consuming. Once you establish your fitness goals then you can apply this to your diet, we will talk more about creating these goals next blog.

Lastly, you need the physical aspect. This is where you begin to incorporate your daily workouts. There are multiple ways to work out so this is all dependent on you and what you like to do. Some people don’t like to run, some people want to lift weights, or maybe a daily walk will satisfy you. Whatever it is, as long as you are getting your body moving and increasing your heart rate, then it is a win in our book. We will further talk about how to establish a fitness plan and what forms of exercise are the best match for your fitness goals in future blogs.

Stay tune for next week’s blog where we officially kick off ‘Fitness February’ and talk about how to set our fitness goals and what those goals should consist of. We are happy to have you on board, here’s to the new month and all the potential that it holds!

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is solely for informational purposes. Always consult with your doctor before making any major dietary or fitness decisions.

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