Five Ways To Support Our Pink Warriors

Five Ways To Support Our Pink Warriors
For years now, every October we decorate our stores, schools, hospitals, ourselves and more with the color pink. Pink and pink ribbons have become the symbol for breast cancer. For years, October has been dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer. This year, in addition to wearing pink, we urge you to take action to show support for our pink heroes. There are multiple ways to support those with, and those who have survived, breast cancer.

In this week’s blog we are going to give you five meaningful action steps that you can do to show support for our pink warriors and those living with breast cancer:

#1. Get involved with charity groups that focus on support not just awareness

There are many different charity groups that focus on the support of those with breast cancer, rather than just raising its awareness. While awareness is important, I believe we are beyond that step and it is time for us to take action. The easiest way to get involved is by finding a local breast cancer support charity that focuses more on action than promotion. It’s time to take a more hands on approach to supporting those with breast cancer. Mary’s Place by the Sea in Ocean Grove is a great example.

#2. Donate clothes to a chemotherapy center

As the seasons switch over and we begin to go through all of our warmer clothes, consider donating the clothes that no longer fit you or that you no longer want. You can donate these unwanted clothes personally to someone you know who is battling cancer or you can drop them off at a local chemotherapy center. Especially as the colder months creep up, winter jackets, gloves, socks, and sweaters are more in demand than ever. That being said, as you go through your warmer clothes this year, consider donating the articles that you don’t wear that often or simply grew out of. Rather than throwing them away, someone else can make good use out of them.

#3. Help someone you know who has cancer

If you have a family member, friend, coworker, etc, who is battling cancer; consider getting involved in their care. Any sort of support in times like these can be beneficial and mean the world to someone. Whether your way of getting involved is driving them to treatment, providing them with open ears, or even just cooking for them every Sunday night. The options for support are endless and should be explored. The easiest way may simply be asking, “what is the best way I can help you?” Really listen to what they tell you. Be ok with whatever help they need even if it’s not what you had in mind. Maybe it’s taking a moonlight ride to the beach with the music blasting instead of you helping with the laundry. The best gift we can ever give someone else is to be there unconditionally for them.

#4. Listen without giving advice

Experiencing cancer is a world within its own. Only those who are and who have experienced it can truly understand what it is like. That is why when communicating with someone who is expressing the hardships of having cancer, do nothing but listen. Provide them with open ears and take in what they have to say without giving advice. Advice can not be given if you do not have the experience behind it. Instead, simply listen and provided supportive affirmations. Piece of advice: do not ask them how they are feeling since not everyone with cancer feels sick or ill.

#5. Offer to drive people to chemotherapy

Volunteering to drive individuals to cancer treatment is a very supportive thing to do. Especially as the colder days and winter months approach traveling to treatment can be intimidating or even impossible. We may not think about these things, but during inclement weather when leaving the house seems impossible, what do individuals who need treatment do? Often times they may skip their treatment. So next time you see bitter cold or harsh weather, or even if there isn’t any, offer to drive someone you know to chemotherapy or their doctor’s appointment. It is a nice way to say that you are there for them.

There are many different ways that you can get involved and support those who are battling breast cancer. These are just a select few ways that you can support those who may need support. Discovering your way of providing support is crucial this month because while wearing pink does help bring awareness, at this point, it does not help make a difference.

It is time to take action and show support by physically getting involved and making a difference. To all of those individuals who have survived and are currently battling cancer, remember one day at a time. Stay focused on your health and understand that there is support here for you always.

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