How to Party safe this July

How to Stay Safe this July

It is officially summer! School’s out and hopefully you are taking advantage of the warm weather season by spending your time in the sun, in the sea, eating ice cream or just overall enjoying all that summer has to offer here at the Jersey Shore. However, despite summer being arguably the best season, there are still some precautions that we should take in order to ensure that our summer is as safe (but still fun) as possible. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few ways that you can make sure you are doing your part to keep not only yourself safe, but also your family safe.

Wear your sunscreen: We all know how hot our weather can get here, but what some don’t know is how powerful the sun is—even when it isn’t hot or necessarily sunny. The sun’s powerful UV rays can penetrate the skin even on the cloudiest days. That being said, prioritize sunscreen this summer and even every day following it, including winter days. Not only is important to apply sunscreen but it is also important to re-apply sunscreen. If you or the children are jumping in the pool or ocean, the original layer of sunscreen can be washed off rather easily. Be sure to catch yourself re-applying layers of sunscreen after taking a dip or even just after a few hours of being outside. Sunscreen is the most important product to apply daily, so you should make sure it is a healthy and safe brand for your skin and the environment. Most commercial sunscreens are full of harmful and toxic chemicals that affect our hormones, are harsh on skin, and even contain chemicals that contribute to killing coral reefs. Next time when you are shopping for sunscreen take the time to research exactly how that product will impact not only your health, but the environment.

Start saving for holidays: December seems like a hundred miles away, but it really isn’t. As we all know time flies by, especially when it’s summer and we are enjoying our time. So take this as a reminder that the holidays can and will sneak up on us and why not start saving for them now! Start being mindful of spending, because it can be easy to spend all of your money on delicious foods and concerts in the summer. Put aside a few dollars each week and before you know it your holiday expenses are covered. Almost stress free!

Start an annual tradition: Traditions are things that families hold sacred and pass down as the family tree extends. Traditions can be considered anything so take this summer and create your own family tradition if you don’t have one already. If you do have one, consider creating a new one or sharing your current one with another family. Summer traditions can be gathering as a family on the 4th of July, seeing the fireworks together, making s’mores over a beach fire, and more. Whatever it is that your family loves to do, make it a yearly tradition for you all to enjoy.

Wear earplugs for the fireworks: As we all know and probably enjoy, fireworks are a huge part of summer. The 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays of the year and we always tend to celebrate it with a beautiful firework show. However, fireworks are rather harmful to our hearing if we are exposed to them long enough. That being said, this summer when you and the family are enjoying the firework show on the beach, boardwalk, or a boat try using earplugs to help muffle the noise and protect your hearing. Small acts like this can help save you from long term damage.

Leave the fireworks to the professionals: We all have seen those ‘fireworks gone wrong’ videos on the internet. While they’re meant to be funny, fireworks are not something to be played with. They can actually do some serious damage to someone. Instead of buying your own fireworks, unless you are a professional and have experiences with them, try visiting a local firework show. They are just as beautiful and a lot more safe than it would be if you were to take matters into your own hands.

Eat smart: Every holiday leads to food. One way or another, you are gathered around a table with your family and friends consuming delicious meals. However, summer holidays seem to be taken to the extreme. We BBQ more often than not, we go out for ice cream each weekend, and we even enjoy tons of boardwalk food just because it is so close to us. When you really think about, summer is the opposite of winter in the sense that during the winter we are focused on working out and eating clean so we can get our summer bodies. But when summer finally comes around, we let go of that healthy mentality until summer is over. This summer let’s ditch that toxic loop and continue to be mindful of what we eat. Watch the added sugars, fried foods, ice cream and anything that you tend to splurge on during the warmer weather.

Stay hydrated and drink responsibly: When the warm weather comes, so does dehydration. In order to combat chronic dehydration, carry around a water bottle with you wherever you go. By doing this you, will have a constant reminder that you have to drink. You can also try snacking on foods high in water, like cucumber and watermelon. These small acts will add up to a lot and will even leave your body feeling more energized. In addition to staying hydrated, you want to make sure that you are drinking responsibly. We all know that the holidays lead to a drink here and there, but be sure to manage your drinks. Be sure to eat before consuming alcohol and try having a glass of water in between drinks. This will not only make you drink responsibly but allow you to feel better than usual the next morning.

Play more games: As we said earlier, summer is full of barbecues. When attending these gatherings most people tend to bring a plate of food or desert, which ultimately leads to a surplus of leftover food that tends to get thrown out. So instead of bringing a plate of food, have guests bring over their favorite party game. This will limit the amount of wasted food and also it will bring everyone together. It will get everyone out of their chairs and into a fun, enjoyable game with family and friends.

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