How to Stay Safe this 4th of July

Staying Safe During 4th of July HolidayWith the 4th of July right around the corner, our beach town is quickly becoming more and more populated by the day. That being said, the high rate of population increase is making the idea of social distancing rather difficult. Our boardwalks, arcades, pier rides, malls, and even go carts are open this week for the holiday. While it is a very happy sight to see that our world is slowly returning to normal, we still must be smart with ourselves this weekend. We have to not only watch out for a health, but also just for ourselves physically. It is a tradition on 4th of July for families to barbecue, swim, and or set off fireworks. Whether your family participates in one or all of these activities, we have to be conscious of our safety. There are a few extra precautions we can take to make sure this weekend is as fun and safe as possible:

Continue to Practice Social Distancing

While this one may seem like a no brainer, it is still something that we have to carry on practicing in order for us to continue to reopen our home. It may be difficult to social distance if you decide to spend your 4th of July on the boardwalk or beach, however if that is the case then you should still continue to wear your mask when you can. By doing this you will not only keep your health safe, but you will also reduce the spread of the virus as a whole.That being said, our shore will be crowded this weekend so if you do not feel good, please stay home. If we all work together, we can stop this virus all together. One mask at a time!

Be Safe When Using Fireworks

Due to social distancing, some places may have decided to cancel public fireworks.Therefore, if you and your family decide to set some off yourself, there are some extra precautions you should take to be sure that you and your family are as safe as possible.

Do not give fireworks to small children: This may seem like common sense, but even small fireworks, like sparklers, can be dangerous to small children. If you decide to give them to children despite the dangers, be sure that they are under adult supervision at all times. This will ensure the children will have a fun and safe night!

Keep water nearby when using fireworks: You may not need it, but it can not hurt to have a bucket of water nearby just as a precaution. Life is unpredictable and you never know what can happen, so you can never be over prepared.

Use Caution When Grilling

Grilling is an essential part of the summer holidays. It provides us with not only good food, but even a sense a connectivity. Being able to cook dinner outside while watching the children run around is such a good feeling, that is, as long as we are being safe about it.

Don’t leave them alone: Grills can get extremely hot, so when cooking with them it is important that we don’t leave it unattended while children or animals are around. It is rather common for a child to trip and unintentionally grab the grill without the knowledge of the temperature. So, to save yourself from an accident, keep an eye of the grill and the little ones.

Keep some distance: Grills spark more than 10,000 fires each year. That being said, it is smart to keep your grill at a safe distance from you home and to never leave it unattended, as stated previously.

Be Safe When Around Water

Whether you are at the beach, lake, or by the pool; water safety is a must when children are present. There are a few extra precautions you can take to make sure your children are safe this holiday.

Set boundaries: Talk to your children before the holiday comes and make sure they understand how you are ensuring their safety this weekend. Let them know how long they can swim for and the conditions that must be met before they touch the water.

Have a designated water watcher: This means to assign shifts to the adults so that the children have eyes on them at all times when in the water. This is an essential factor that should be met when children are swimming.

This holiday is going to be a lot different from our previous summer holidays. We have to remain as safe as possible in order to keep things opening in the direction they are headed now. The Covid-19 outbreak as affected our home in more ways than one, but we are just finally starting to return to normal and this weekend will speak for itself. So together let’s make this 4th of July as safe and fun as possible by following these simple and effective steps. If we complete this holiday correctly, this will set the tone for the future of our home.

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