National “Kick Butts Day” Is Coming Up

National “Kick Butts Day” Is Coming Up

It is interesting to see how different the present day is from the past. Our society is constantly changing due to new inventions, ideas, and scientific findings. What we once thought was one thing, may not remain that way forever. Take smoking for example. In the past, doctors and scientists thought that smoking was good for you. We saw doctors smoking in their offices, commercials advertising cigarettes, pregnant women smoking and we even were allowed to smoke in public facilities. Smoking was always thought to be a good thing, until new research discovered that was not the case. However, by the time this realization happened, many people had already become addicted to smoking. This is primarily why smoking never truly disappeared after the updated research, because people became dependent on it.

Today, despite the prices and smoke-free areas, we still see many people smoking. However, now we have more ways to do it, some being more discreet than others. There are not only cigarettes, but new nicotine vapes or pens. We see high school children, and even middle school children, experimenting with smoking devices and vapes. This is because of how many different ways there are to smoke, not just necessarily with cigarettes. Plus there is an appeal due to the different flavors that these sticks come in. So while cigarettes may not necessarily be the most popular method of smoking right now, there are blue raspberry, fruit stripe, bubblegum and other “appealing” tastes to try. Research on exactly how vaping affects the lungs is in the early stages, but it is clear that it is not healthy for you.

This is why there is a National Kick Butts Day. This year it is celebrated on April 1st, 2022.
Kick Butts Day is considered to be a national observance day that is designated to fight against the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry is continuously putting out nicotine products, despite the side effects, all because they can make money off of it. When you really think about it, this is a horrific act. Big companies like the tobacco industry care more about profit than health. Kick Butts Day is all about realizing the deceptive marketing that the tobacco industry uses and what the dangers of smoking are. It is a day to urge elected officials to take action to protect kids from tobacco. You can also use it as a day to finally quit and Kick Butts for good.

Smoking and vaping does a number to your body. Our lungs were not meant to inhale anything other than air, let alone chemicals. Smoking and vaping can lead to cancer, respiratory or breathing issues, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and infections. Consuming nicotine products may also cause major depressive disorder, due to the massive amount of chemicals within them. Not to mention the additive side effects that comes with nicotine. When someone consumes nicotine for a period of time, the brain begins to crave it due to the dopamine that is released when you smoke. However, when someone stops feeding that addiction and that dopamine flow stops, that person can experience extreme nervousness, restlessness, irritability, and anxiety.

With all of this in mind you may ask yourself, why keep smoking and vaping? If smoking and vaping causes this much commotion in the body, then why does anyone continue? While this is a good question, the answer is simple. Most people wait for “the right time” to stop, but that time rarely comes around. However, use April 1st and Kick Butts Day to quit your smoking and vaping habits. If you are someone who has been waiting for “the right time” to ditch your nicotine habits, here is your perfect opportunity.

Here are some ways that you can quit smoking or vaping and participate in Kick Butts Day this April 1st:

#1. Identify your smoking or vaping triggers and avoid them

This is all about noticing when you typically reach for a cigarette or a vape pen. Maybe you find yourself smoking or vaping more when you are with a particular person or at a particular restaurant. Once you identify your smoking or vaping triggers, they should be avoiding for a little while in order to give your brain time to disconnect the two.

#2. Stop carrying cigarettes or your vape pen

One of the first steps to quitting nicotine is to get rid of the product. Whatever it is that you use, throw it away. This will eliminate the temptation of smoking or vaping because you no longer have access to them.

#3. Ask your doctor about trying nicotine therapies

Sometimes nicotine gums or patches can be used to wean someone off of using nicotine products. This will help ease any withdrawal symptoms. Plus you can lower your dose of daily nicotine until you can complete remove it.

#4. Make a list of new things that you can do instead of smoking or vaping

More often than not, smoking or vaping is used as a stress relief method. So instead of reaching for a cigarette or the pen, come up with a new habit to try. Maybe that would be chewing a piece of mint gum, taking a drink of water, reading a page of a book, or doing jumping jacks. This habit can be anything that helps you take your mind off of the current craving that you may have. Keep in mind cravings last 3 to 5 minutes. Cravings will lessen after 7 days from your last cigarette.

As you can see, there are many different ways to quit smoking or vaping. However, the most important thing to know is that you are not alone. You should always let your friends and family know that you quitting smoking or vaping. Tell them of any ways that they can help and support you.

There are also tons of different support groups and organizations that are tailored to helping people quit smoking or vaping. Two main organizations are called Quit and The Truth. Both are companies that provide individuals with free guidance on how to stop consuming nicotine and manage life after the fact.

If you or someone you know is addicted to nicotine, consider taking this April 1st to Kick Butts for good. It will help start a new journey towards better health and wellness. Your body is designed to heal itself and once you take your last puff, it immediately starts to repair the damage caused by inhaling nicotine. The sooner you stop for good, the better.

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