Why Spring Cleaning is Good for Your Health

Why Spring Cleaning is Good for Your HealthThere comes a time each year where the sun sets later, the day gets warmer, and life just feels better. Springtime is arguably one of the best times of the year and we tend to dedicate this time to cleaning. Nearly every home across the country knows of the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ and that is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

To begin with, we have to change our mindset about cleaning. We tend to look at cleaning as a chore when it really doesn’t have to be. Cleaning can be fun, therapeutic, and refreshing if done in the right atmosphere. Since it is beginning to warm up outside open your windows, put on your favorite radio station, and get to work! You can even make Spring cleaning a family activity. Children will be excited if you are excited, they will see you with your music up and smiles on and they will want to do the same. Encourage your children to open up their bedroom windows and declutter; ask them to get rid of all the old toys, games, and clothes that they may not want or fit in anymore. This will give them a sense of independence and a feeling of maturity because they are doing exactly what Mom and Dad are doing, not to mention it saves you a room from having to clean! If you have never participated in Spring cleaning before there is no need to worry, in this blog we are going to tell you all the reasons why you should start Spring cleaning and what it can do for your health. Yes, believe it or not, cleaning can help promote positive health. Now let’s dive into all the amazing benefits of Spring cleaning.

Helps de-stress: Life is full of stressors, as we know. We have to live with the day-to-day struggles of balancing work, traffic, finances, and family time all while living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever stressors you may have, it is important that we manage them and guess what? Spring cleaning is just the way to go about that. Organizing and cleaning your cabinets, surfaces, and drawers can be a therapeutic method and you get that sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a goal. Plus there is no better feeling than a clean home. Light your favorite candle and sit on the couch to enjoy a movie with the family after all of your hard work. A clean space = a clean mind.

A well-organized office makes for more production: When was the last time you cleaned out your desk? How many useless papers do you have lying within the drawers? Is the top of your desk visible or is it cluttered with your daily tasks? Go through those drawers and throw out old pens, shred old papers, and wipe down your surfaces. You will be surprised at how motivated you will feel once you see a fresh and clean desk. A messy desk can lead to laziness, lack of motivation, and low productivity. Once you clean out those hard-to-reach areas, as well as the more visible ones, you will be surprised at what else you will want to accomplish.

A clean bedroom leads to better sleep: There is no better feeling than waking up to a neat and tidy bedroom. It gives you a sense of lightness to wake up to no clutter or messes. So gather the family and divide and conquer. You tackle your room while the kids play their music and tackle their rooms. Making cleaning a family activity will get the children excited about doing it and it helps Mom and Dad out a whole lot. By having a clean room, believe it or not, you will sleep better. You will sleep better knowing that you do not have a pile of clothes on your floor, or that you’re getting into a freshly made bed, or that it smells of cleans sheets and surfaces. So get to cleaning and light a candle once you’re finished; you will be surprised at how different the atmosphere will feel within that room.

Clean house = stronger immune system: We are still living in the COVID-19 pandemic. Life is not like how it used to be; we are in a constant state of worrying whether or not we are bringing home viruses or germs. By consistently doing a deep clean of your house, you are ensuring that there is nothing harmful to your immune system lurking along the surfaces of your home that you may have brought in without knowing. You will be surprised how long some germs and viruses can survive on surfaces, not just COVID-19. By ridding your home of these pests you can help your immune system remain healthy, which is especially important during these times.

Clean house promotes healthier living and habits: The start of one amazing habit can lead to the start of another amazing habit. Once you beginning cleaning, you will feel incredibly productive, which in turn leads to the desire of being overall more productive. Look at it as a snowball effect, your clean home will inspire you to continuously keep it in this state. A clean desk will be more appealing than a messy desk so you will be sure to keep it tidy. A room with a made bed is more inviting than a room with an unmade bed. This continuous pattern will repeat itself and leave you with a bunch of new and beneficial habits.

So take this week as a chance to get into the spirit of Spring cleaning and let your mind and body reap the unbelievable benefits of a clean home!

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