A Glimpse into Dr. Siobhan Pakenham DCs Life

A Glimpse into Dr. Siobhan Pakenham DCs Life
Patients often wonder about their doctors so this week’s blog will give a little glimpse into Dr. Siobhan Pakenham DC’s life.

#1. New Jersey Native

Dr. Siobhan Pakenham DC, or Dr. P as her patients call her, grew up in north Jersey in a small town called Boonton. She has two older sisters and her family would come down to Lavallette and Ortley Beach for summer vacation when they were younger. Dr. P and her sisters went to Catholic school and were raised with a strong sense of family. She completed her undergraduate at Stockton College with a Bachelors in Biology and went to Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had an opportunity to stay and work in Seattle, but upon learning of her middle sister’s pregnancy with twins, she decided to move back east and practice chiropractic in New Jersey. She moved to Ocean County to work for a multi-discipline group in Jackson in 2008 and branched out on her own in Toms River in 2014.

#2. Her name is Gaelic

Dr. P’s name is Gaelic and means Joan. It is pronounced “Sha-vaughn Pack-en-um” Her father is 100% Irish and his mom wanted an authentic name for one of her grandchildren. Dr. P got blessed with the name Siobhan. Dr. P’s mom like an actress at the time, Siobhan McKenna, and had fallen in love with the name. When her mother in law asked if this baby would have a Gaelic name, my mom said yes.

#3. She loves to travel

Dr. P got the travel bug when she was just a teenager. She went to France and Italy with her school and fell in love with seeing new places and meeting new people. Since then, she has been fortunate to go back to Europe and has gone on several cross country trips. Some of her favorite spots include: Big Sur, Cambria, Avenue of the Giants, Telluride, Austin, Paris, Tuscany, Galway, Nice, upstate New York and more! Her dream spot is Bora-Bora.

#4. She is a chiropractic patient

Dr. P started getting headaches shortly after a car crash when she was 17 years old. She went to a chiropractor several years later and discovered that her neck was straight instead of having a curve in it and that it was causing nerve pressure in her neck and head. She worked on getting her neck curve back and her headaches went away. Around this time she was interested in becoming a Physical Therapist but changed her mind after her chiropractic experience. She loved the idea of using your body to heal your body without using medication or surgery. She continues to get adjusted and does her home care.

#5. Studying to become an animal chiropractor

Dr. P is discovering chiropractic all over again—this time for animals. She enrolled at Parker University in Dallas, Texas for their animal chiropractic program this year. It is a five month program offered to both chiropractors and veterinarians. The training is for large and small animals that includes horses and dogs. She will be certified by August 1st and plans on having a mobile animal chiro clinic. Stay tuned because NJ Animal Chiro is coming to a town near you!

#6. Secretly hates exercise

Dr. P is gonna let you in on a little secret—she does not like to exercise but knows how important it is. The best exercise is doing something you love to do and then make sure you do that everyday. For Dr. P it is briskly walking her dog several times a day. She uses the PowerPlate to stretch and also does leg and arm exercises on it. Her job keeps her active. She started the AWSC 2022 Workout Challenge in January to not only help motivate others, but keep herself accountable for exercise. It’s important to make time for it even though you may not like it. Do it in the morning 1) to get it over with 2) you’ll be surprised at how much energy you have and 3) sets a healthy tone to the day. Check out our YouTube Channel for our workout videos.

#7. Lives a healthy lifestyle

Most chiropractors live a healthy lifestyle and Dr. P is no exception. The key to it all is balance of several things,; for Dr. P it is all about eating clean foods, using safer beauty products, getting consistent sleep, exercising even if she doesn’t want to, getting adjusted and working on stress management. She takes the time to read ingredients of not only what she eats but of what skincare and cosmetic products she uses. There are a ton of chemicals in most products and foods and it is best to avoid them when possible.

#8. Loves dogs especially German Shepards

Dr. P always grew up with dogs most of them were rescues. Her mom is a true animal lover and had always wanted to be a veterinarian. As an adult Dr. P has had German Shepards and probably always will. They are not only beautiful but so smart and loyal. One of her Shepards passed in 2020 and it was then she thought of the animal chiropractic program. Her specialty for adjusting animals will be working dogs, K-9’s, search and rescue, service dogs, pets and more.

#9. Picky Eater

As a child Dr. P was a very picky eater. She didn’t necessarily eat healthy, but she would only eat certain things. Most kids are like that though. It did set the tone for her as an adult though. She continues to be picky and reads the ingredients of what she eats. She enjoys meal prepping and cooking because she knows where her food is from and how its cooked. She does enjoy going out to eat and usually gets some kind of seafood dish.

#10. She loves listening to 90.5 the night

When Dr. P moved to Ocean County in 2008 she quickly discovered Brookdale’s community college radio station, 90.5 The Night. She has listened to them ever since. She is a proud member and she loves how they play local music and the “B” side of artist’s albums. Listen and support local always.

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