Do you take pet insurance?2022-10-14T13:50:27-04:00

We do not. However we can provide you with what you need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Does it hurt my pet?2022-12-04T22:00:54-05:00

While it may look like your pet is being hurt, please know that is not the case. Because your pet may be in pain already or have some stiffness or soreness present, they may react in a negative way. For example they may turn to bite or jump and cry in pain. We are not hurting them but rather that is how they tell us that area is sensitive and hurts. Just like in people, if someone presses in a spot that hurts they may jump in pain. Because of any possible reactions your pet may have, we will have a handler restrain and hold your pet to keep everyone safe. A muzzler may be needed at times for the adjustment to be performed.

Is there a travel fee?2022-12-04T22:02:42-05:00

There is no fee if traveling within 5 miles. Anything over 5 miles is .75/mile. Travel fees can be split with other appointments in the area. If adjusting more than 3 animals at one location, the travel fee is waived. In addition, travel fees are waived for police animals.

Can the animals come to the office?2022-12-04T22:04:27-05:00

No. Animals will not be adjusted inside the office due to allergies and health requirements.

Will Dr. Pakenham be adjusting people mobile too?2022-10-13T20:00:44-04:00

Dr. Pakenham will not be adjusting people while working with animals, at shows or at a barn. Any adjustments or chiropractic care needed by clients, owners, trainers, or handlers will be done at Atlantic Wellness and Spine Center.

Do I need to talk to my veterinarian first?2022-12-04T22:05:25-05:00

Yes. In the state of New Jersey, chiropractors need a veterinarian referral in order to adjust your pet. We have a referral form we can email you or your vet.

How do I know my pet needs a chiropractic adjustment?2022-12-04T22:09:28-05:00

Our pets can’t verbally tell us what’s wrong with them or what hurts but they do tell us in other ways. The most common ways they tell us is through abnormal behavior and performance issues. Perhaps your dog is shaking her head a lot and gets chronic ear infections. Maybe she has a head tilt and isn’t chewing her toys like she used to. Maybe your horse is trying to buck you off or you’re sliding to one side while riding. Or they’re not turning into the barrels the same way. Maybe your Rottweiler isn’t jumping on the couch like he used to and is guarding his back leg when you try to pet him. These are some examples of how a change in behavior and performance, however subtle, are the first clues that something is wrong.

How do I make an appointment?2022-12-04T22:06:19-05:00

You can reach us at the below contact info and we’ll email you (or your veterinarian) the referral form. Once we have your signed veterinarian referral form, we’ll call to schedule an appointment.

What kind of animals does Dr. Pakenham treat?2022-12-04T22:07:19-05:00

Currently, Dr. Pakenham is adjusting dogs, cats, goats, and horses. No exotic or farm animals are treated.

Why should I get my pet a chiropractic adjustment?2022-12-04T22:08:11-05:00

Not only does a chiropractic adjustment restore normal biomechanics and reduces pain, but more importantly it removes the nerve pressure that was in those areas of the spine and extremities. By removing nerve interferences, the brain is able to communicate with those parts of the body and the body can then communicate back to the brain better. It is a 2-way street and getting adjusted brings balance back to the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls all the other systems of the body, the body can then function at its optimal performance.

Does chiropractic replace veterinarian medicine?2022-12-04T22:07:57-05:00

No. Animal chiropractic does not replace veterinarian medicine. We work with your vet to deliver chiropractic adjustments and laser treatments only. We do not diagnose or treat animals for anything other than subluxation. Any veterinarian issues discovered during our exam or treatments will be referred back to your veterinarian.

What are some benefits of chiropractic?2022-12-04T22:07:47-05:00

Some benefits of chiropractic include but are not limited too: Enhanced flexibility and increased ranges of motion, stimulates circulation, release endorphins, restores proper joint alignment and function, help prevent soft tissue sprain/strain due to reparative training or exercise, decreases pain by reducing joint misalignment and muscle torque and more!

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Animal Chiropractic Considerations

  • Athletic animals perform better when they’re well aligned so adjustments several days prior to competitions help your athlete be at their peak performance.
  • Injured animals may require more care initially.
  • Each animal’s needs are different so history and exam will lead to a recommended chiropractic care schedule.
  • Congenital malformations and degenerative conditions may cause chronic lameness and the need for more frequent chiropractic adjustments.

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