CBD and Anxiety

2020 has been a year to remember, and quite frankly, it’s probably one that we will never forget. This is primarily due to the infamous Coronavirus or Covid-19. As we all know, the outbreak has flipped everyone’s world completely upside down, not just physically but mentally. We have been quarantined inside our homes and have found a lot more free time. This can be a good thing for some individuals, but can also be a bad thing for others. More free time allows for some people to be more inside their own heads or even more time on social media. Social media is a great thing when used properly. Some people spend their time on social media comparing themselves to others, whether it is about why they are happier, why are they more successful, or feeling the fear of missing out. This constant negative self talk can completely diminish your self esteem, ultimately bringing on further anxieties. Do you ever wonder why this generation is so heavily filled with depressed and anxious teenagers? Well, what do they have readily available right in their pockets, all day everyday? Social media is corrupting the mental health of teenagers and in some cases adults as well. Until we find a permanent solution to help reduce the social media intake, we turn to antidepressants to help reduce the anxiety and depression in these teenagers. However, what if I told you there may be another option!

CBD is a quick and fast-acting option to help reduce anxious behavior. What is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is part of a family of molecules called cannabinoids. CBD is a chemical compound formed from the Cannabis sativa plant or more commonly known as a hemp or marijuana plant. The cannabis sativa plant has two species; hemp and marijuana. Both do contain CBD, but hemp has a much higher percent of CBD. However, CBD does not have the affects that you typically think of when you hear the term marijuana or hemp. Instead, CBD lacks the psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 legalized industrial hemp that has a THC concentrate of no more than 0.3% by removing it from Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act. While there are some CBD products that have more THC, the majority of them only contain 0.3%.

Luckily, CBD is an option for quick relief that does not involve a prescription from a doctor. CBD is a commonly used method nowadays to help treat anxiety. It does not cure anxiety, it however makes the symptoms of anxiety far more manageable than before. While it is always a wise decision to get approval from your health care provider, it is not required. CBD is available online and in some stores; it is also pretty affordable for the benefits it gives.

Anxiety is largely affected by serotonin, a neurochemical that is found in our body. Serotonin is primarily responsible for mood; when serotonin levels are fluctuated our mood can suffer immensely. When levels of serotonin are too low you can experience anxiety, insomnia, and depression. In contrast, when levels are normal you will feel; happier, calmer, more focused, far less anxious, and experience little to no signs of depression.

With that being said, CBD is known to help increase serotonin levels. As we discussed earlier, an increase in serotonin leads to a positive increase in mood. There are other ways to increase levels of serotonin, however they are not as nearly as accessible than CBD. Another way can include taking antidepressants, but that requires you to visit your health care provider. Antidepressants and CBD both affect the body in similar ways, by helping to raise serotonin levels. The only difference between the two is CBD is a simple and effective way to help relieve the effects of anxiety without having to get a prescription from a doctor. Not to mention that CBD can be found with completely natural ingredients.

While there are little to no risks of taking CBD, they are still worth mentioning. Those who take CBD can experience fatigue, drowsiness, and reduced appetite. Some people also experience upset stomachs due to the oil. While this is not true for everyone, CBD can have its own affect on an individual, these are the most commonly reported ones. If someone has to be drug testing, depending on which CBD brand you choose, your drug test can come back positive. It would be similar to eating a poppy seed muffin or bagel and a drug tested coming back positive for morphine. That being said, be sure to address that possibility with the individual who is giving you the test.

CBD not only helps reduce anxiety, it also has many other beneficial factors: CBD can help relieve pain and inflammation, helps reduce depression and insomnia, and it may alleviate cancer-related symptoms. CBD may also have some neuroprotective properties.

If you have been feeling stressed or anxious lately, you may want to think about trying CBD oil. If so, I would recommend Alive Market.

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