Family Health: Hobbies for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Family Health: Hobbies for the Coronavirus PandemicEver since our world was introduced to the Coronavirus, everything has changed. Stores are closed, people have been laid off, and our children have been out of school. The fact that the Coronavirus has had the ability to turn our worlds upside down is incredible. However, being that we are all in the house more, this gives us an opportunity to do things we have never found the time to do before. There has never been a better time to incorporate things into your life to improve yourself personally, your family relationships, or even just to help add a little more fun and light into the home. We have created a list of five new hobbies you and your family can incorporate into your house during these times that can add a little spice to your new everyday life at home.

Start a puzzle

Start setting aside some time at night to grab the family and do a puzzle. This can be a big pieced puzzle that may take you a week or more or it can be a smaller puzzle for the little ones. Either way, this fun game will bring the family a sense of unity. So lay out the pieces on your kitchen table and slowly start to put it together. Do not rush to get it done, let it be a fun thing your family looks forward to doing every night. Doing this will give the family a few minutes of time just to have fun and forget about the craziness in our outside world.


This is something you can do as a family if you choose to do so or it can be your little escape from the chaos at home. Take yourself into a quiet place and just be with your own thoughts. Find a position that is most comfortable for you and just breathe, focus on your breath and exhale all the negative energy and stress that you may have. You can meditate for five minutes, twenty minutes, an hour, however long you need. The Coronavirus has had a big impact on us not just physically, but mentally. Many people have developed anxiety and or depression during quarantine. Being stuck inside has allowed us to be inside of our own heads to a great extent so it is very important for us to take care of ourselves mentally as well as physically and to check in on those we love. We never know who may need a hand.

Learn a new recipe

Turn on the Food Network Channel and fire up the stove, let’s get cooking! Find a new recipe that you have always wanted to bring to your table and just do it. Grab the kids and get them involved as well, they can set the table, pour ingredients, or even help you bake a beautiful cake for dessert. The choices are endless with this one, either way, let loose, get messy, and have fun! Plus you’ll get a yummy dinner out of it!

Move your body

This can be taken in many ways. You can start practicing yoga, you can go online and follow a workout class, you can take a nature walk with the family, you can even grab a jump rope or hula hoop with the children and just have fun. Anyway you can get your body moving, do it. Being that we are all in the house more, it is hard for us to stick to our normal gym routine, but that does not mean we should ditch it completely. There are many ways to break a sweat even at home, plus the children can get involved too.

Start a journal

Take an old notebook or find one you like off of online and turn it into a personal journal. Start by writing down your thoughts, dreams, emotions, or whatever else comes to mind. By doing this you will not only clear the clutter from your mind but also create a sort of time capsule for yourself or family to read when you grow older. A journal is something everyone should have, it allows you to write freely with no pressure of who is reading. It also gives you an opportunity to read back on your growth and development as a person. You can even give the children a chance to try it, the younger they start the more memories they will have to look back on when they get older. Journaling is an incredible hobby to take up during the Coronavirus quarantine especially, you can see how you personally overcame such a difficult time and further adapted back into normal life again.

Even though nobody expected the Coronavirus, that does not mean we have to let it impact us in total negativity. Instead, we must take this time as an opportunity to better ourselves and our families. There are many ways we can do this, some are listed above but there are plenty of others. Simply gather ideas from your family of fun activities to start implementing into your home. Before you know it, you will almost forget that you are quarantined in the house!

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