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Kevin Hart Auto Accident and Back Injury

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Every day people are involved in car accidents. Just this weekend, beloved Kevin Hart was involved in a serious accident. Kevin Hart’s accident occurred when the driver of the car lost control and the car flipped and landed ten feet away from the road. When I saw the pictures of the accident, as a chiropractor and fan of Kevin Hart, my heart sank. I just watched his movie the Upside last week and I thought Kevin Hart was so great in it! I read in the article that he suffered back injuries and my heart lifted a little because I thought as long as no fractures, chiropractic may help Kevin Hart!

You see every accident, whether it is a low impact fender bender or a more serious accident like in Kevin Hart’s case, have one thing in common—neck and back injuries. Of course, some are more severe then others and need immediate medical attention. Some neck and back injuries from car accidents take time to manifest whereas other back injuries are more sudden; however all car accidents result in some type of back injury that may be helped with chiropractic care. Symptoms of back injuries from car accidents include muscle spasms, pain and stiffness, swelling, reduced motion, numbness and/or tingling.

As a chiropractor and health care provider, it is important to take X-rays after a car accident to rule out any fractures or instabilities. A complete and thorough examination including orthopedic and neurological testing should also be done to evaluate the extent of the back injuries. Further imaging like MRI may be needed. Based upon the findings of the imaging and examination, an appropriate treatment plan can be established for the person involved in the car accident which resulted in back injuries.

There are different chiropractic techniques that can and should be used for neck and back injuries from a a car accident. It typical won’t be the “snap crackle pop” twist but rather specific postural techniques to help restore the normal shape and function to the neck and/ or back.

Reasons to see a chiropractor for back injuries after a car accident include: fast acting non invasive treatment, reduced pain, reduced inflammation, restored motion, reduced scar tissue, and overall physical relief.

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