Ten Ways To Feel Festive This December

Ten Ways To Feel Festive This December

It is officially the holiday season! We just celebrated Thanksgiving and Hanukkah making this the season of eating, shopping, gift giving, family gathering, and feeling festive. The winter holiday season is arguably one of the most comforting times of year. We experience colder weather where we can bundle up on our couches, we have a variety of holiday movies and shows to watch over the course of the month, and we even get to experience the beautiful holiday decorations that people put on their houses.

However, the holiday season can also be stressful for many both emotionally and financially But, it is important to note that it doesn’t have to be stressful. There are ways that we can ensure that our holiday season is balanced with some of the expected stress alongside the joy and happiness of the month. In this blog we are going to give you 10 ways that you can get yourself in the holiday spirit this year. Use these methods to help not only minimize your stress, but also to spread the holiday cheer!

Here are 10 ways you can help get in the holiday spirit.

Put on some holiday music: There are hundreds of different holiday stations that you can find just about anywhere. Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and even simply your television will have at least one station for your desired selection of holiday music. Simply tune into your favorite station and continue on with your daily activities. Trust me it will make a noticeable difference in your mood.

Send out holiday cards: Holiday cards are a perfect way to spread the holiday cheer amongst those you love. Gather the family together for a quick picture and send it out on a loving holiday card to friends and family members. Holiday cards are a perfect way to not only capture a family grow throughout the years, but to also share some holiday wishes with those you love.

Reach out to old friends to re-connect: The holiday season is not just about giving, it is also about connecting. We spend the month of December reaching out to friends and families wishing them happiness and health. However, with that we tend to neglect those we don’t talk to regularly. Take this holiday to reach out to people that you may have connected with in the past. Maybe give them the gift of forgiveness or of reconnection. Whatever the case may be, make an effort to create more connections this holiday.

Start a new holiday tradition: Typically, the holiday season is full of family traditions. From building gingerbread houses, gift exchanges, parties, or even just gathering together to read a holiday story. Whatever the case may be, these holiday traditions are important to create now; that way they can be passed down through generations. If your family does not have a particular holiday tradition, make an effort to find one that everyone enjoys and begin to carry it on.

Bake your favorite holiday cookies or recipes: Baking cookies during the holiday is a staple. Thanksgiving is not the only holiday meant for cooking and sharing delicious foods, we also use the winter holidays for this opportunity as well. Previously we mentioned starting a family tradition for the holidays and this is the perfect one. Baking holiday cookies each year for family members or even strangers can be a beautiful tradition. Even if you struggle to find people to give these holiday treats to, there are many different homeless shelters that would be grateful to accept these delicious donations.

Watch holiday movies: For the entire month of December, television networks air hundreds of different holiday movies and shows. Start a new tradition with your family to watch one holiday movie or show each week, depending on your family’s availability. This will create an opportunity during the hustle and bustle of the holidays for you and the family to enjoy some quality time together.

Host a holiday party: For those who are comfortable with it, try bring together some of your friends and family members for a holiday party. Have everyone bring a plate of food to your home and simply spend time together. Take the holiday as a chance to remember past stories and share them with the younger generations. Family members must make it a priority to keep these stories alive to help create remembrance for the younger ones. These stories will impact them more than you may believe.

Donate to your favorite charity: This is a holiday meant for giving and not just to the people that you know. It is important to be reminded of everyone during the holidays, not just the people that you celebrate with. During the holidays, many non-profit organizations are requesting donations to their charities in an effort to give back to those who need it.

Volunteer locally: Take this holiday as an opportunity to volunteer locally. Many people do not have a place or people to spend the holidays with. So take the time this year to give back to those in your community who may not have family or the financial means to get the latest gifts. Giving Trees and Toys for Tots are great resources. Just Believe Non Profit here in Toms River runs the Code Blue Program in Riverwood Park. They are always looking for volunteers.

Decorate your space: Now is the perfect time to start decorating your home or workspace. You do not need much to spread the holiday cheer— you can hang a wreath on your door, string some lights, or place your favorite holiday piece in a front facing window. It is a small little act that will be a constant reminder that it is the most wonderful time of the year!

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